Prop to jet question

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by skiguygeetz, Oct 3, 2010.

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    Some info, hope it helps, yes you could install a OB jet pump on your 60HP.
    However it would be underpowered as there is about 30 percent loss when converting, sadly OB jets are not as efficent as a IB jet.....They do have their place on a properly designed Aluminum boat.

    One advantage to a OB jet is having a trim function to clean debris....

    There are many boat manufactures that are dedicated to jet boating, and other forums for jets boaters as well........I have always got the dangest answers about jets boats here............?

    A fiberglass boat on any Idaho river that required a jet would have a short life IMO.

    Sell it and buy a aluminum boat made to run those rivers, its a lot of fun................good luck....

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    no way

    apex1 it does not seem as if you have really ever jet boated
    with an outboard or inboard jet
    if you had you would not say such a stupid thing as that
    ak you need to invite this guy up to the ivishak river with his bad a$$ prop that seems to go any where;)
    just alittle clip for you to view apex and rethink what a true jet boat can really do
    this was shot in NZ on 1 of the rivers i got to run with konrad
    alot of fun and not a prop to be seen ever
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