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    Go on then give us a laugh!! how much power do you think.

    I made a bronze hub that did not touch the shaft with an oil seal in both ends. This was fastened to the log with a sturdy hose and clips , oil was allowed to gravity feed from a brake master cylinder container from the car parts shop.

    That was 7 years ago. A spider would die of thirst in my bilges.
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    This inspired me, on a wet Saturday,to see if any of our local byelaws
    expanded on this. Nothing relevant to grease ,but "no person shall between the Saturday preceding Easter Monday and the 30th September between and 9pm on any day ride ,drive lead or take any horse or animal on the Seashore" This might be useful to know if you are ever this way on your high horse.
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    pistnbroke I try

    Great frosty so you agree oil seals are the way to go and some light oil to lube them .....great we agree again No Grease ...Aint life just superb

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    Actually Piston these are 2 different boats that I once owned. The 4 foot shafted boat would have the shaft pulled and a thick layer of grease laid on the shaft and another layer was on the inside of the log shaft tube. The 2 had separated and spun freely of each other separated by the water yet grease protection was afforded to both parts.
    The Hp used was minimal and inconsequential with a 135 Hp Mitsubishi MD 6 11.

    The later bronze seals are my 'now' boat
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