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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by John Dickie, Sep 4, 2020.

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    I'm struggling to get a 25mm(316) propshaft for my newbuild.I can get 30mm,but cant get a 30mm cuttless bearing to fit my 38mm id sterntube. Can I get the outboard end of a 30mm shaft turned down to 25mm to fit the available bearing? ie, can I fit a cutlass bearing with the shaft in place?
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    These folk in England sell 25 mm diameter propeller shafts -

    Or is it a case of you cannot find a supplier in South Africa?

    If you use a 25 mm diameter shaft, these folk have shaft bearings that are 25mm x 40 mm - maybe you could shave 2 mm off the diameter of the bearing to fit your stern tube?
    Brass or Phenolic Shelled Bearings | KENT Marine Equipment

    Edit - an afterthought - could you use a 1" diameter shaft, with one of these bearings? The outside diameter of the bearing is 38.1 mm.
    Phenolic Shelled Bearing - 1''x1-1/2''x4'' | KENT Marine Equipment
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