Prop efficiency curves

Discussion in 'Props' started by LostInBoston, Mar 6, 2009.

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    Does anyone have or know where to get prop efficiency curves for surface piercing props? Have any tests been done on them?
  2. Guest625101138

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    There is some data in this paper:

    If you google arneson or other surface drive manufacturers you will also find some curves.

    The peak efficiency I have seen in any of the data is 70%. Well below what can be achieved with a fully submerged prop or air prop but these have certain limitations.

    Rick W
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    Olav naval architect

    These data seem to be quite confidential and I have been searching for quite a long time.

    The only documents I was able to find are a test protocol by Rolla, a paper by Marco Ferrandi, Stefano Crotti, and Michele Viviani (which contains some handy regression formulae to produce KT/KQ/η curves; I made little Excel spreadsheet of this), and finally a product leaflet by France Hélices where there are two little diagrams of unspecified surface piercing propellers. However, this seems to be no longer online.

    Edit: Oops, Rick was quicker... ;)
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Power curve, the sub sous-marins helices.htm

    yes i know this is french but take a look at pictures at the end...can use translator too.
    they say water is also pressure injected close inside the fairing to improve flow
    i wonder what would be the efficiency of this twin pump prop with fairing around ?
    0.9 region, ?

    And what would give an approximate home made copy of such a propeller pump ?
    Less but certainly a lot anyway, it would be worth trying

    A pump jet with 2 propellers can be seen on some jet ski, should we get inspired ?

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    the jetskis are all single impeller with a stator behind it, as are most of the jetdrives currently being made.
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