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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Daniel236, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Hey everybody im new to the fourm and have messed with a few boat modifications and repairs but due to a college budget and really wanting a shallow drafting skiff ive dove into this project head first. Its a free fiberglass hull i picked up today and i have an idea of what to do but any help, opinions, or ideas are appreciated. Its 15' by 74" and its pretty rough but i plan on completely sanding it smooth refiberglassing inside and out and then building it up from the bottom and fiberglassing all wood inside and adding foam for flotation. I wanna keep it basic wifh a large back deck with 1 live well two dry storage boxes a bildge pump in the bottom and three dry storage on the front deck and probably a tiller motor with a poling platform and built in rod holders in the sides (3 on each side) im not even sure where to start as far as materials and need to do some research. im not sure how to upload pictures but if you google images 15 foot dixie boat you see a boat with a windsheild and a red deck and i believe thats the same hull or very similar. Here is a link as well if it works|54;d|m94wu4eAdc1YKM:
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    Welcome to the forum Daniel.

    Some pictures would be helpful, but it sounds like you just want a flats boat. Maybe you can make some sketches of your plans too.

    There are several previous threads about how to post photos, plus the FAQ area, which also covers the topic.
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