Project : offshore-sailingcat for the "SILVER-SAILORS"

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by FLATCAT, Mar 6, 2012.

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    FLATCAT New Member

    1. my english is very "austrian" !
    2. I am a greenhorn in boatbuilding and in computers !
    3. I am one of those OSI-UHU´s (OverSixty-UnderHundert) who want to go on sailing far into their old days together with partner, friends and grandchildren ! 4 to 6 pax max .

    therefore I am planning to get a COMFORTABLE cat build which...

    1. has all in- and outdoor-livingarea in ONE level. no steps down into cabins, no narrow doors, only one "normal" toilet and one shower for the two normalsized the hulls only tanks, engines, storage, technics ect.

    2. the rigging should be based on an A-shaped frame-mast wich holds a furling and selftailing mainsail (so no dangerous boom and no man in front necessary) as well as a normal genoa. both easy to handle in any windsituation ! see the new Rainbow Warrior III from Greenpeace or the
    SMG 50 at

    3. should be no superdesign but a good mixture of approved materials and comingup ideas like hybrid, solar ect.

    so who is interested in :

    1. assembling and completing my ideas, plans and network
    2. finding all the ultimate solutions
    3. starting up the production
    4. starting up the financing, marketing ect.
    ( I have only the money for one boat, euro 250.000,- )

    finally I draw your attention to the success of the SUV movement on the automobile-market which started in the eighties as a niche on the market !!!

    despite my age I am eager to get this baby ! to walk !
  2. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    Good to see your post

    You say you are new to boatbuilding, but how much sailing have you done?

    Any of it in catamarans?

    You will be losing a lot of useful interior space if you don't have access to the hulls, which means you will need a bigger boat

    Most cruising catamarans have a very high boom, so not dangerous like on a monohull. In fact the usual problem is reaching it in the first place (eg to fit the sail cover or main halyard)

    The SMG50 has been for sale for some time, and I think it is the only one. You have to ask why?

    Good luck in your quest

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs
  3. michael pierzga
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    Purchase the study plans for a boat that fulfills your requirements .

    Get a professional cost for construction and fit out for ocean going duty.

    You will rapidly learn that even when home built , 250 thousand doesn't buy much boat. .

    If I were you I would budget 200 grand for a pedigree brokerage boat , then add the remaining 50 grand into commissioning that boat for ocean duty.
  4. cavalier mk2
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    I'd recommend finding a boat for no more than 50k and spend the rest cruising.

  5. aussiebushman
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    I think you need to seriously consider whether you are inherently a boat builder or a wannabe sailor because the two are frequently mutually exclusive. Unless you are an experienced carpenter, panelbeater or with a similar trades background, the former may be too much of a stretch, especially if it is cruising that interests you most.

    I built a 9.1 meter cat and the cost was over $100k not including my labour and it took three years of serious time before it even got into the water. Also, 9.1 will not be nearly big enough to do what you want in comfort and the cost rises exponentially with the size. The other respondents are right - you will be looking at well over $250k at today's prices. For $150k you will find a really good 40-45' catamaran in good condition and even if you spend another 20 or so getting it exactly as you want it, it will be a bargain compared to building.

    The US market probably offers the best range of options at very reasonable prices. is just one example at $US130k

    Richard Woods would be the best source of advice as to the suitabiliy of this or some similar vessel

    Regards from Australia

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