Project Clio GX200 in a new ranger 29

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    got a new ranger 29 , with 6 knots hull speed originally (1978 )powered by a lombardini 8 HP diesel , boat got retrofitted with a penta md2000 in 2001 ,various parts of the engine last year got stolen so i started a project for a new engine disgusted by the crazy prices of volvo and the crow merchants , 600$ for a piston , 350$for a nozle , and this sort of rubbish , i named the project after my daughter for inspiration and went on

    Got a used engine from a generator , a gx200 clone from china , change the crankshaft bearings to quality ones (20 $ ) , i removed the oil switch , governor , added a mikuni 22 carb , 18lbs valve springs and a cevlar starter rope , all used but the starter and bearings . I followed the instructions from afordablegocarts for low cost performance and tuned the engine to 10 HP at 5500 rpm

    Kept the old mk v-drive , went to the lathe and added a pulley to it at 3 degrees tamper to it grinding the heavily wear 16 spike axle , and also machined an aluminium pulley (for better heat disepation ) for the engine 3 /1 ratio

    Next i created a stand for the engine wood and poly laminate so that the air blower ,carburetor is in the open space (the bathtab ) ,never had a problem with fumes or spills ( but in case you jever do just throw water in the floor to dilute the fuel ,open air is safe for the fumes ,no concetrations ) ,added 5 cm rubber mounts in the engine resulting in almost no virbration , aligned the v-belt and took measures to create a 25mm inox exaust with an aluminium silencer . the throttle line runs in the the rudder stick

    the exaust is surrounded by 5 meters of copper tube that heats water for the shower and the kitchen , also runs a 80 amp lucas alternator.charging a 200 amp battery used for service living on board

    after a year of daily operation i have to state that this modification saved me , trustworthy (them industrial engines are rough and prooven in constructions and agroculture ), extremely low cost parts , readily available and easy diy maintenance.very economical in gasoline .70 /l hour in medium throtle , .40/l in charging and honestly forgetting to refill running on LPG with a 12 $ ,45 mm mixer . It is the perfect engine for the job and if you change the oil every 100 hours ,pay attention in alignment , filters and wont be a rpm cowboy it will last for years

    thanx for reading this and let me know if you have any questions

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