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    Project 3040 New Member

    We are looking for inputs regarding a new production Catamaran. She will be designed by a well knowen naval architect. The basic concept is a 30 footers spec in/on 40 foot hulls hence Project 3040.

    • Slim hulls with accommodation in hulls
    • One head/shower
    • Small Galley alley up and integrated into cockpit and saloon
    • Approx 40 foot.
    • Wheel steering at Saloon BH
    • Planned for twin outboards or inboards.
    • Spade rudders
    • Stepped cockpit/saloon.
    • Fixed mini keels or dagger boards.
    • Aft hull steps integrated into cockpit.
    • Large bottom step.
    • Small raised Bimini part of design.
    • Rest of spec very basic painted interior etc.
    • Fast, light, good looking and easy to build.
    • Basic systems only.
    This boat is targeted at the second time Cat owner who has owned the floating caravans and now would like to sail and sail fast or is moving from fast beach cats to fast cruising market.Thanking you in advance.
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    Figgy Senior Member

    It sounds like a great concept! What kind of input are you looking for?
    For me, dagger boards would be the way to go as it fits better into your targeted audience. I would also be interested in seeing any drawings you have so far.
    Good luck!
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