Project: 16' Tri-hull Jet/Shuttle Conversion

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    Been checking out and learning from this forum for a couple years and toying with the idea of making a small lightweight shuttle craft for my buisness and a little pleasure. I run a kiteboarding school in Clearwater, FL and on days when we have offshore wind it's necessary for us to get gear clients and a jetski out to the barrier islands. First idea was to make a small stitch and glue cat that the ski'd fit into but I'd like to get this done in time for our windy season which gives me a month or two.

    To make this go quicker and hopefully a bit cheaper I scraped the s&g idea and found a project boat to convert. It's the old 16' tri-hull pictured below I will hopefully have it in a week. It just wide enough to fit the ski in easlily (60").

    First question I have here is will this hull design work/plane with a ski (110hp 1100 4stroke 3 person)pushing? We have a 10min ride out with some chop nothing more than a foot or two I've heard some tris are brutal in chop but if they have a deeper vee in the center their not so bad.

    Not looking to blast around just cruise out "unplug" the ski and teach people to fly! Any and all advice will be much appreciated, Thanks!

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