Professional Boatbuilder Magazine Features 2 More Westlawn Alumni

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    Yet another issue of Professional Boatbuilder Magazine features stories about two Westlawn graduates.

    Issue 112, April/May 2008, has a story about recent graduate Scott McClintock’s Rio Hondo 40S design starting on page 22. An article on the famous Cherubini family “The Cherubini Legacy,” begins on page 28. John Cherubini, who did much of the design work, was also a Westlawn alumnus.
    You can read this issue online at:

    Just click on Issue 112, April/May 2008.

    Add ProBoat issue 100, which featured Westlawn alumni Stephen Pollard and Doug Zurn (see post at):

    Or follow the ProBoat link above and view issue 100.

    And then there's ProBoat issue 103, which featured Westlawn alumnus Dave Martin (page 160).

    And still more: ProBoat issue 98 ran “J Is for Johnston” (page 28), about Westlawn alumnus Rod Johnstone and his J-Boats.

    That makes feature stories on 6 different Westlawn alumni in the last 14 issues of Professional Boatbuilder, and this doesn’t count that ProBoat Editor-at-Large Dan Spurr is a Westlawn Yacht Design Lite graduate, or the numerous technical articles by Westlawn director Dave Gerr.

    Yes, Westlawn alumni really are everywhere.

    Dave Gerr
    Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
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