Production Manager Needed in Houston TX

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    Production Manager – A stable, well-established and growing construction equipment company is seeking an innovative individual with extensive experience in ferrous metal fabrication to assume direct responsibility for its manufacturing operations. The successful candidate must possess an in-depth knowledge of production planning, welding processes and quality control. Strong management and communication skills are critical for this position.
    Responsibilities include:
    • Hiring, training and development of plant personnel.
    • Effective utilization of manpower, equipment and facilities to maximize production capacity.
    • Continuing review, analysis and improvement of manufacturing methods and material flows.
    • Assist in coordination and implementation of sub-contractor efforts.
    • Workforce planning, scheduling and production cost estimating.
    • Developing, managing and reporting key performance indicators.
    • Implementation, monitoring and improvement of company safety plan.
    • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, or extensive previous experience with a verifiable track record.
    • Minimum or 6 to 8 years of relevant production experience, with 3 to 5 years in a supervisory/managerial role.
    • In-depth knowledge of welding processes.
    • Ability to read, understand and communicate detailed drawings and technical information.
    • Strong decision-making and task delegation abilities.
    • Effective organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.
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