Procedure for the selection of the propeller

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    Dear all,

    I would like to ask you if you can help me to understand more about the design procedure for the selection of the propeller, including the cavitation.

    I am a naval architect and I have my books where I can take a look, but I would like to extend my knowledge about this argument which I think is not one of the easiest.

    So if you can send me some good pdfs, or links where I can read more about this subject I will much appreciate it.

    Also just sharing your experience would already be a great thing, because I have no practical experience with it.

    Many thanks and regards,

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    The first parameter, which drives all the rest, is the maximum target speed. Based on that, you get the power necessary. The propeller needs to be able to absorb the power, so that will determine blade area. This is also affected by shaft RPM and slip, which determine pitch. You can look at an ideal propeller first, and then see if it fits in the space available. If it doesn't, you need to compromise on one or more parameters.
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    Do you have it clear, Raffaele ?. Okay, you can now start calculating.
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    The event here has already occurred but you could contact the school for upcoming events and to get more information:
    “Propeller School” | Victoria, BC

    Mr. MacPherson, the technical director of the School, is a member here-you can contact him directly:

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    This seems like a homework problem. When I presented my senior design study at University of Michigan, the was another study, They were designing a commuter ferry. They knew the drafts of their ports. They used the UofM propeller selection program. Professor Woodward let them get to the end, before he asked them how they could get into a 6 foot draft berth with a 8 foot diameter propeller....FIRST THING IS TO SELECT PROPELLER DIAMEMETER, everything else falls out from there.
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