Problems generating .off files for ORC VPP

Discussion in 'Software' started by ZeusGaryulo, Apr 29, 2016.

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    I'm having some problems loading the .off file for the ORC VPP, maybe someone could help me, let me explain the situation.

    I have a hull designed on Maxsurf, but the keel and the twin rudders have been designed in Rhino, the problem is that I can't import these to Maxsurf, so I can have the hull, the rudders and the keel in the same file (strange surfaces appear), so I can't use Link.

    Now, I'm trying to export from Rhino to DXF, using contour and generating the sections manually, but when I open the .OFF file they have too many points, or there are problems with the sections of the hull and the appendages.

    I have already tried with the Wolfson software converter, but without success.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. formsys
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    formsys formsys

    Why cant you import the keel surfaces into Maxsurf?
  3. ZeusGaryulo
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    ZeusGaryulo New Member

    Hi formsys, thanks for your interest in helping me.

    I expressed myself incorrectly, I can import the surfaces, but they are kind of messy, I suppose it is because the quality of the surfaces are not so good (we are in the early stage of the project, so the appendages have been scaled from older ones, the bulb consist in five or six surfaces, etc), so when I import the .iges file planes that I used for trimming appear, I see the edges of the rudders but not the render in the perspective view, etc.

    But until now, the best results for generating the .off file have been with Link, I expect that with better surfaces I will be able to import them without problems.

    Has the keel and the bulb need to be closed polysurfaces? Sometimes I receive an error messages of manifold surfaces or something like that.


    By the way, twin rudders have to be added manually to the .off file, and not to be exported from Link.

  4. Windvang
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    Windvang Yacht Designer

    You can export .off files with Rhino and the Orca3d plug in. You can also add the keel points manually in the ORC VPP hull editor.
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