Probabilistic Damage Stability

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    Dear Altruists,
    I was doing the probabilistic damage stability of a passenger-vessel in Maxsurf. I am not getting the minimum required attained index for the vessel; I have tried with considering different zones selection but still no way.

    Now I have the following queries:
    1. How many adjacent zones do I require considering to pass damage stability criteria according to SOLAS and IMO? Maybe I overlooked, but I did not find any specific requirement like that. So, what is the case for a class vessel?
    2. I would like to get alternative damage cases like the following (red box).
    [​IMG]However, I am getting only the following damage cases. How can I get a few more alternative damage cases (not intermediate damage cases) like above (red box)? Thank you.


    Also any suggestion to get better attained-index will be appreciated. Thank you
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