Proa that tacks -- doesn't shunt

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by James Mills, May 27, 2008.

  1. James Mills
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    James Mills Junior Member

    What is wrong with a Proa that tacks -- Not a double ender - - that is a Pacific Proa on one tack and an Atlantic proa on the other tack.

    With the ama on the high side, water ballast could be used.

    Thanks in advance to replies from those more knowledgable than I.

    James Mills
  2. rwatson
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    Thats an non symetric catamaran. All the problems of a leward small ama, half of the advantages of a Proa.

    With the ama being pressed into the water on a tack, you get a heavy steering load on the ama side of the boat.

    Trimarans less so, because they have the weight of the windward float to help counterbalance the lee float, and the way they bounce from one side to the other in rough weather makes me think that you would need to have a really heavy small ama a long way out from the main hull.

    have you seen ?
    It might make the concept of a Proa a bit less problematic.

    What advantages do you foresee besides not having to build the third hull of a trimaran or a full size second hull of a catamaran?
  3. Trevlyns
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    Also have a look at Gary Dierkings site. He designs both shunting and tacking proas and outrigger sailing canoes.
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