Proa "mast"??

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Clyde Burks, Mar 22, 2018.

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    Clyde Burks New Member

    I am building a 24' proa. Dierking design.

    I have decided to go with a shunting rig.
    Looking at 18-20' mast..

    I have an aluminum mast off an alacrity that i can cut down a bit.

    I wanted to go with a stayed mast with junk type jibs. However... I plan on beaching and when i flip this think i do not want all of that breaking.

    What should i use for a mast. Low budget and really trying to stay away from building one....
    A source for wood???
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    I know a lot of outriggers (e.g. Hobie) use a mast hinge. Google those and you might find a good hinge you can buy or perhaps have a welder fabricate one. As for mast material, look at existing outrigger masts made of aluminum, carbon, fiberglass or wood (e.g. sitka spruce) that suit your budget. That Alacrity mast might work if you fab a hinge for it...should be plenty strong for a sailing canoe. Could be a bit heavy so compare the weights. Fair winds _/)_/)
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