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Pro Balsa End-Grain Balsa core MUST SALE !!!!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by dotnetdeveloper, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. dotnetdeveloper
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    dotnetdeveloper Junior Member

    Pro Balsa End-Grain Balsa core
    I have 2 cases of Pro Balsa End-Grain Balsa core for sale. Need to sale quickly!! make offer. Never been opened still in shrink wrap.

    3/8 2x4 case has 33 sheets (3 packs of 11)
    1/2 2x4 case as 24 sheets (3 packs of 8)

  2. gunner_bear
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    gunner_bear New Member

  3. GG
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    GG offshore artie

    and just curious what do you think you have for it $
  4. WickedGood

    WickedGood Guest

    Are these like sheets of Plywood? or like 2X4 Studs?

    Im just south of Portland in Saco, Maine and have a few gallons of fiberglass resin with no purpose in its furture.

    Would you like to get together and build a duck hunting boat?

    We can leave it over at Scarborough Marsh or on a trailer in my yard and share it.

    Im thinking along the lines or 20 ft long and 12 ft wide and 2 ft deep. POGO style and mount a Cabelas Camo Blind tent on top with a 25 HP outboard.

    Porta Potty, a Couple of Big *** Coleman Coolers spraypainted Camo for seats, a Portable Propane Heater & Coffee Pot, Gun Racks and Decoy Storage.

    Capt Walt


    Duck Season Opens Soon!


  5. War Whoop
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    War Whoop Senior Member

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