Principles of Naval Architecture reprinted

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    Principles of Naval Architecture, 1988 Edition has been reprinted by SNAME. This is the most recent edition of the standard reference work. The three volumes are available as a set for $145 student members / $145 members / $235 non-members. Volumes I and II are available for $60 student members / $90 members / $105 non-members and Volume III is available for $65 student members / $90 members / $105 non-members. Principles of Naval Architecture | SNAME

    PNA has been out of print for at over ten years and used copies have been going for prices considerably higher than the prices of the new reprints.
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    I bought a copy of Principles of Naval Architecture along with a copy of Ship Design & Construction from SNAME 40 years ago, and I remember the two together then cost me approx US$ 100.
    (PNA was only in one volume then).
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