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Discussion in 'Materials' started by Bern, Sep 16, 2005.

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    --- New boat, aluminum hull and pressure treated plywood on decks. I want to seal the small gaps between the ribs and skin, both aluminum. I want to seal between the skin and plywood deck. Planning on using DX533 and DX503 (made by PPG Industries) for cleaning and conditioning the aluminum. Then use Skid-No-More (made by Evercoat) for sealing, and creating the final deck surface. --- Looking for any and all comments, both good and bad. --- Thank You; (Sorry for the double posting. I got the first post in the wrong section)
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    You may want to consider using the DP epoxy primers as the final prep for both the aluminum and wood. It has great adhesion to everything, and everything seem to stick to it good.
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    In another group the discussion was that the NEW pressure treated ply, as opposed to the old kind that is now newly illegal, is pretty corrosive to metals, especially aluminum. You might want to check what kind you have and insulate the two from contact. Also the fastenings have to be compatible with the new wood preservatives (and the aluminum). Sam
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