Press Release: Nautical Structures appoints NonStopYacht as European representatives

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    Nautical Structures appoints NonStopYacht as European representatives

    Nautical Structures - the largest manufacturer of superyacht cranes, davits and passerelles in the USA – has formally announced that they are appointing supply specialists NonStopYacht SL as the exclusive distributors of their products throughout the Mediterranean and the UK. NonStopYacht will also be providing Nautical Structures sales support for Northern and Eastern Europe.

    Rick Thomas, founder and VP of Sales for Nautical Structures commented “We have seen a steady increase in demand from European shipyards and yachts upgrading to meet MCA requirements over the past year. NonStopYacht offer sales engineering expertise and real-world boating experience which enhances their ability to work closely with a client in the development of a project. We are pleased to have NonStopYacht offering front line sales support, as well as using their experience to take care of the shipping and import of our units.”

    NonStopYacht and Nautical Structures have worked together on a number of projects over the past couple of years and are both very pleased to cement this relationship.
    Paul Metcalf, a Director of NonStopYacht, said “There are a number of exciting projects in progress already and we are enjoying working with Nautical Structures. Their excellent products are now even more competitive in the Euro market because of the strength of the currency. Nautical Structures has given us a much quicker design, production and delivery of products from their dedicated facility than is presently available from most European manufacturers. In addition we have found their support and service has been first class and part of our brief is to build an engineering support network throughout Europe to provide first level technical service.

    Rick Thomas commented that “Many of Nautical Structures’ products are developed specifically for the large yacht refit or new build, the ability to communicate the technical requirements of the project is an important service that NonStopYacht will offer. The understanding of the equipment’s application, and their ability to work with 3D CAD modelling ensures that the requirements of any given project will be understood and specified properly - this is especially beneficial when looking at lifting or boarding solutions where space or weight is at a premium.”

    Nautical Structures and NonStopYacht will be exhibiting at METS in Amsterdam and NonStopYacht will be at the Monaco show to discuss ongoing projects.


    Notes for Editors:

    Nautical Structures
    Nautical Structures are considered by many as the largest and most experienced company of its type in the United States, Nautical Structures manufactures exceptional high-end tender-handling and boarding solutions suitable for most yachts. Nautical Structures’ products include hydraulic deck cranes, overhead beam cranes, yacht davit systems, lifting harnesses, deck cradles, passerelles, self-levelling stairways, hydraulic power units and specialised OEM products.

    Rick Thomas, Vice President Sales
    Nautical Structures
    10351 72nd Street North
    Largo, Florida 33777
    Phone: 727.541.6664
    Fax: 727.541.6353

    NonStopYacht SL
    NonStopYacht are a specialist Superyacht supply company, headquartered in Barcelona they have a multilingual team supplying, specifying and recommending a wide range of products and spares to customers throughout Europe and the rest of the world. They also support an extensive on-line catalogue of products and spares.

    NonStopYacht SL
    C.Escar 6-8
    08039 Barcelona, Spain
    Phone (+ 34) 932240490
    Fax (+34) 932240493
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    Yaaaaa! Paul.

    Gary :D
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