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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by okimoki, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    noob here :)
    I'm wondering if there are any premade 3d models of different ship hulls that I would be able to just modify to suit my needs?
    I would like to design something similar to "StarCraft Limited 2009 OB"

    http://www.starcraftmarine.com/Show...Type=Deckboat&Series=Limited OB&Model=2009 OB

    But i don't have any idea on how to design a hull.. I know 3d modeling and i know about fiberglass, so, the "only" thing missing is hull design that would be able to support this kind of design and would make it perform good.

    Any ideas?
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    Okimoki; Your request is a familiar one. You want to design a boat but you do not know how to do it. I am sorry to tell you that such an idea is as improbable as wanting to design a space sattelite without knowing any of the details or how to begin.

    Almost anyone can design a vessel that will float. But designing a vessel that will perform in a specified way requires some knowledge that will take a few years to obtain. Creating a computer model is worthless unless you have provided the computer with knowledgeable and accurate input.

    You can find models similar to the Starcraft in model hobby shops. Look at some of the websites. Example; Towerhobbies.com. Do not consder ships to be a design type that you can convert to a completely different design type such as the planeing deckboat that you suggested.

    If you are serious about wanting to learn about boat design then begin with books. A simple starter book for newbies might be....The Nature Of Boats by Dave Gerr. After that is thoroughly understood, you can progress to more technical books on the subject.
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    Thanks messabout, i taught that would be the answer. I realize that there is a lot of knowledge behind designing the hull, that's why i was hoping that something like that exists already. I also realize that such boats aren't the most common ones people would build by themselves, i couldn't find one in the libraries of build-it-yourself plans that i would like as a base and would be easy to convert to sundeck/deck boat type.. That's why i taught that i would do it myself.
    But i really didn't planning on studying boat design for 2 years :))))

    If i would make a model of a boat, is there any service or something that would be able to check it and recommend the changes necessary for it to be optimal??
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    A good way to learn about boat design is to build a boat from a kit that someone else designed already. You will learn about the required structures that way.
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