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    I wonder if anyone can help. In 1976 I bought from Richard Parker who was at the time the owner of PP Jets a 14.5 foot Magnum which was the boat featured in "Practical Boat Owner". I used the boat for some years and then it was in storage with the Sea Tiger engine out and the jet in pieces. Recently I started to restore the boat but unfortunately the impeller has been lost. I cannot find it anywhere. Where can I get a replacement (if at all!) Help!!
  2. anthony goodson
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    There are several people ,currently on these forums with the same problem. PP went to Vospower and more recently Naiad Dynamics in Portsmouth 012392539750 speak to Brent Voce. If you look in the Jet posts here you will see the current state of play regarding alternatives.
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    number is 02392539750 not 012392539750

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    Hi I have a pp 65 jet compleat but in pieces brass impellor all parts was working only i hads the wrong engine so will fit a stern drive to my boat mail me on montyrosevear@aol.com more information,
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