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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Jussi_2, Nov 25, 2014.

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    I am thinking to CNC mill a Polyurethane plug of powerboat. I am still thinking that should I make a female mould, or just one off boat, and use the plug as a "male mould". Maybe if I get someone else to interested to join the project I will make the mould, as just for 1 boat, its too much wasting money and time to make it. Probably size will be between 8-10 meter. I have thinking about making the hulls a bit bigger, to make it more practical for everyday use. Now the hull is Mystic c5000r style. Maybe I need to run this design in Tunnel Boat Design Program. Purpose is to have nice weekend boat, not a high speed racing boat. I have a big CNC machine here, so it wouldn't need so many plugs, and would cost me only time and material. I also have professional vacuum infusion motors etc.



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    The styling is modern and cosmetically pleasing. How about the rest of it? For example, what is the reason for the steps if the speed is moderate? Programs will not give you a good design without experience. They will only produce nice looking graphics. The boat could be build of a mold. Female molds will give a good finish on the outside, where it counts. However, a foam mold for a large boat needs a lot of structural support or the hull will deform by its own weight. There are engineers that make mold design a specialty.
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    Yes, female mold gives a nice finish for the boat, but if this is just 1 boat, I have to think is it worth it. I have done a lot of smaller size molds, but never this big. I have seen that people use steel tubes to give more strength, but I was thinking would a core do the same thing. Example using 25mm (1") airex to give more stiffness for the mold.
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    You'll have to solve several difficult problems to unmold the hull / deck from a female mold.
    On the other hand, is not much boat for only 6 people?

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    I too have issue with the design choices. Why a high speed hull form on a "nice weekend" thing? I also see a lot of yacht length that's doing absolutely nothing for the accommodations, which seems excessive for a casual weekender.
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