Powerboat 3d models urgent

Discussion in 'Software' started by andyf97, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. andyf97
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    andyf97 New Member

    Hello everyone.

    I am new here so maybe I am not posting to the right place, forgive me if I did wrong.

    For a project using a laser projector I need some 3d models ( 3ds, 3d studio , DWG , DXF ) of powerboats, powerboat parts or motors.

    Does anyone here have a source?

    I did find some on 3d website but these come at a cost and the amount of images i need means I simply cannot afford them.

    I need around 10 powerboats: 5 with single hulls & 5 with double hulls, 5 outboard motors, 2 propellors and any famous powerboat makers logos.

    I will make a projection of these 3d boats on a huge building in one of our cities.

    Hope one of you could be kind enough to help and of course when we make this projection we will also project your company name or producer of the powerboat to the same projection.

    Best Regards

  2. 3dyachts
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    3dyachts Senior Yacht Designer

    Hi Andy,

    We may be able to help you, but would like a few precisions, please:

    1: Why would you need 3D models for a projection???: won't it be just a flat projection, in which case any picture would do, of do you intend to have it tilting and orbiting a.s.o., in which case we perhaps could provide you with this animation. You will effectively understand that we are very reluctant in forwarding any 3D model "just like that" and without any guarantee about it's really intended use.

    2: Isn't this projection commercial? If so please contact us out of forum (forum rules forbid commercial discussion or promotion).

    In any case, whoever would be able to help you will need full detail of the intended use, and proper contract.

    Good luck!
  3. andyf97
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    andyf97 New Member


    Its a laser projection of powerboats as what could end up being commercial but at this stage is just for testing to see how it will look. I hope one day this testing will attract some attension and end stemup being commercial, I guess I am dreaming to much.

    Yes its orbiting 3d projected onto a flat surface like a building using a hi power laser sytem.

    Trying to find connections to assist me in this testing.

    Hope I was not breaking the forum rules by explaining.
  4. 3D measure
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    3D measure New Member

    3D measurement

    At 3D Measure we laser scan marine hulls, we must get the desginers permistion before any measurement.

  5. Leo Lazauskas
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    Leo Lazauskas Senior Member

    Not at all. Just don't put "urgent" in the subject line if it is not really urgent :p

    Good luck.
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