Power Multihull catagory?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by lobsterman, Sep 11, 2023.

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    Is there a power multihull catagory, or subcatagory ?. Also is there a catagory where SES, ekranoplans, WIG, or other advanced vessel designs etc are discussed ?.
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    No. All here for mh
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    I just saw your post on this thread -
    Building an old skiff https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/building-an-old-skiff.68344/page-2#post-950997

    "That reminds me of my first lobster skiff, and it sounds like a couple of you guys are who I should be talking to about some of my more radical boat design ideas that i have had over the years, as several would certainly fit in the SES catagory. Years ago someone at the Carderrock, MD. NSWC was interested in a CAB / WIG vessel design I had come up with. (sadly I never had the time, money, or resources to have someone build a test model, for him to tank test it)."

    Please do tell us some more about this CAB / WIG vessel design of yours........................ :)
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    There are not separate subforums for these yet. For design discussion, please post in the main boat design forum. Or for more theoretical and technical discussions of specific aspects, the hydrodynamics and aerodynamics forum as applicable. For existing or production multihull powerboats, please post in the main powerboats forum. (If there are a large number of new threads, a new subforum could be created in the future...)
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    Well back then, in the mid 1980's I had no idea about what SES WIG, or ekranoplans even were, but after some research, we figured out that apparently my design was somewhat similar to an early 1960's era naval experimental CAB (captured air bubble craft) SES called the X-1, (I think that was the name of it). It was not a hovercraft, but was kind of stuck into that catagory by Janes publication as an air cushioned vessel.
    It was wide considering the length to width ratio of boats of the time, it had a ram air bow cavity (with a semi rigid plenum), 8 shallow air cavities under the main hull between twin sponson type hulls, that had bows sort of like a hickman sea sled. The boat was designed to act like a stone skipping across the water (compressed air capillaries), creating air lubrication, under a fast moving hull.
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    Okay Thanks, I had found the power multihull / cat /tunnel hull catagory in the image gallery, I just thought that maybe i was missing seeing the discussion forum about them.

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    I used to know a fellow who for some reason had collected a number of these hulls, possibly through DRMO Navy surplus.
    They had a very cut up bottom, and had to be very heavy.
    They wound up planted bow down in the sand as a as a sea wall, so I’d assume that their usefulness as a boat was very limited.
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