Power Cruiser for Florida/Bahamas

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Starhop, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Yes, I agree that perhaps my initial thoughts for the project was overzealous. However, the gentlemen in question certainly did not lead me astray. I will keep you all updated should I actually make any progress on this... sorry for causing an argument.
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    Starhop, I agree with what many have voiced, concentrate on what you need for the moment, like fund raising, education, getting yourself setup in a position where you can afford taking on a project like this (nothing about yachting is cheap). While you're working on life, develop a finely honed SOR and look around for designs that most suit this list of goals (what an SOR actually is). With this well defined list, you can also look into used boats that tick the most boxes, which is a far less expensive way to get what you want. Building from scratch is usually double or more, what refurbishing a well used, but in need of more love project, can cost. I'm in the process right now with a buddy who I introduced to sailing recently. We looked at dozens of designs and worked up costs for each project. Next, I took him to the local marinas and showed him how he could have all the things he wanted, but at a fraction of the cost of a new build. So, now I'm remodeling an old Columbia 22' for his needs. He'll have several thousand into it when I'm done, but he gets to help and see the process and it beats the $15 - $20k he'd spend on a new, similar build from scratch. Simply put, pick your poison wisely, as you might have to live with it.
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    We should rethink the question again before giving advice that may be useful. The OP, wants to have a boat, bought, or wants to design a ship in the first instance, and then maybe build it ?.
    I believe that he, at the moment, is not qualified to design a boat by himself but of course he is qualified, I suppose, to buy a second-hand boat. For this his request for help would have been made in other terms. I suppose.
    I must clarify that I do not want to encourage him to move forward, because it seems an almost impossible task, but, if he decides to continue, I have no problem in helping him, if he thinks he needs it.
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    I like reuel parker commuter series and phil bolger tennessee, both begin at the smaller end and various other designs available (same concepts) for larger sizes (more accomodation). These are narrow boats so they will smaller than the fatties inside.

    Bolgers is one of the simplest boats to build ever.

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    Hi goodwilltoall,
    Have you had any contact with Reuel Parker? I'd like to purchase plans for the Commuter 27 but I haven't been able to get in touch with them. Any leads appreciated!

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