Power Comparison of 2 Outboard MODELS

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by rasorinc, Nov 8, 2014.

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    Yes. If the block and foot are the same.
    There aren't many options here. Usually, within a series, there aren't any options.
    Small motors come with a standard prop. If you want a different one, it is purely an out of pocket expense. So if I can buy a motor with the correct prop, I'm a happy guy.
    If a cheaper option presented itself, sure, I'd look at that. But not a more expensive option.

    Of course, but you don't have to for a boat like the OP's.

    If the sixty hp version of a particular motor isn't powerful enough, it is entirely possible that a 75 or 90 hp version of the same unit may not be any better, particularly for slowish boats. In order for more power to be used efficiently at modest speed, the prop diameter has to be bigger than what can be fitted.

    Forgive me if you think I am simpleminded for wanting to begin with the unit that the MFG thinks would work best.
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