Power cat disaster in Hout Bay, South Africa

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by taniwha, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Frosty

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    Not only has he wandered from Spanish fishing grounds he had passed Portuguese and French waters to get to UK.

    Like I say Im fairly sure foreigners have to pay.
  2. powerabout
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    I thought the UK gave permission for the Spanish to take all the undersized fish in UK waters so long as they landed them in Spain froze them and then they are legal to be shipped back to the UK
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    Included in that are 12 foot inflatables. What the figure is for the larger, fully enclosed vessels, would be interesting to know. Obviously there is a difference between operating in the waters around GB and Australia, but generally speaking cats have been an outstanding success in the role, and the notion they flip easily is not borne out in decades of use. To my knowledge, very few have, and had they stuck with monos, the losses would have been much higher.
  4. Frosty

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    That does sound like Uk governmet dicision
  5. hoytedow
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    Where is a Sir Francis Drake when one is needed?
  6. powerabout
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    yes indeed
    it was a dirty deal to swap fisherman for farmers....
    know any polititians who are fisherman?
    PS the UK worked out that balck hole called Brussels does send an un accounted amount of money to farmers somehwere near 100billion Euros, maybe?
    I call that backing a winner

    now back to poor countrys using cats offshore
  7. tunnels

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    To add to what you been saying . Here in China the big boat we are building
    i class as being a potentual time bomb just waiting to find a time and place to erupt . Theres a great long list of people i am pointing the finger at ,firstly people working within the company , then the Chinese survey team that will certify the boat when its finished and give a stamp of approval !! in all he time the boat has taken to be built they been on site once and all that was advised was to increase the height of the foam framing that was to be glassed over .
    I have put together a 3 page written report complete with a whole range of photos to be personally deliverded to management and to the chinese survey authority voicing my absolute disaproval at there methods and there total lack of interest in doing there job properly .
    The seriousness of the problems means the boat would sink if it is holed as bulkheads are just temperarely tabed in place and as the water rose wouls collaps one after the other including the engineroom and most important bulkhead !!
    Plus there is only one way into and out of the main cabin !! so in the event of a fire in the aft end and the door way blocked there is no way out from inside the main cabin ! so you have a choice of two ways of dieing !! not often do you get a choice !!:eek:
  8. Frosty

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    The sir Francis Drake is only open till 11 pm on weekdays and 12pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

    However just down the road the Nelson is open till 2am
  9. Wynand N
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    Im a boat inspector/surveyor and issues COF's for small pleasure/ fishing craft up to 9 meters in length.
    When we certify the crew we use a simple formula that is mentioned somewhere in SAMSA's Marine Notice 13 that states simply put that for every meter of boat one person.
    IOW, a six meter boat will be certified for six persons on the COF regardless if it is a mono hull, catamaran, cathedral hull etc.

    This boat that capsized was carrying over 42 people and apparently certified for 38 but stand to be corrected. Now this begs the question....
    If I have to issued a COF certificate for a nine meter power cat, I will certified it for 9 persons but 10 max for private use. This capsized boat was only one meter longer and was certified for commercial use and how did they get to that number of people:confused: I would assume that getting a commercial rating, authorities would rather err on the safe side than the other way around.

    BTW, the original builder who built the cat about 10 years ago was flabbergasted when he heard about the mods being done on the boat and failure to supply new hydrostatics and stability, trim etc calculations for new certification after the changes, albeit the printed press.
  10. taniwha
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    its the way around Wynand, it was certified by SAMSA for 42 plus crew but they had only 38 onboard. SAMSA also certified for a max of 17 people on the viewing platform. Another interesting factor: the downflooding angle in the initial stability calculations indicate 90 degrees! You don't need to be a genius to see that the downflooding angle is way less.
  11. Frosty

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    Corruption ----In Afrika?
  12. tunnels

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    Corruption every where ,not only Afrika !!:mad:
  13. beashark
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    BEE Going to cost more lives

    :confused:After following this forum, and having to make use of the Kei Mouth ferry on the way to Trennerys and Kob-inn it really made my heart pump in my throat when the South Easter came up suddenly and the water sprayed onto the deck and passengers on board this commercial vessel with no life jackets etc etc. I would like to hear from the guys responsible in East London if this vessel is registered, surveyed, and passed c o f and if the skipper has the relevant certificate - or is this another of those look the other way BEE stories untill tragedy strikes. Look at these attached photos and tell me if i'm over reacting

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  14. Edsel
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    River barge?

  15. beashark
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    Human Ferry and Vehicle ferry you have to pay R60-00 to take your vehicle over and I Think it is R5-00 per person

    Point is this is not a pleasure craft, - this is a commercial venture that carries hundreds of cars a month and thousands of human cargo a month.
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