Power Cat Design??

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by DanRay, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. DanRay
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    DanRay Junior Member

    Hi all and thank you for all the info I've gained while lurking here.

    I've looked for many hours at a design that will suit me.
    Looked at 50 designers of cats
    Looked on yachtworld for hours.

    I need something to be a coastal cruiser on BCs coast,not offshore,not long distance.
    For exploring the bays and inlets for periods of time.
    Motoring maybe 100 hours a year,top speed maybe 15 knots cruise 8-10
    Not at a dock.
    Decided on a powercat for width and stability-40-45'

    I've looked into barges-no good.
    Houseboats-not sturdy enough.
    Dutch barges-too long,too skinny
    Looked at Linnsens-nice but not 4 me
    Power cats-what I like but too much wasted space.

    So something less than an offshore cat,but more than a houseboat with much room for toys and gear.Large top deck.

    Comfy for times spent meandering,2 fulltime with guests on occasion.

    I'd appreciate anyone steering me in the right direction
  2. WestVanHan
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    Hey Dan

    I've had the same conundrum,and know exactly what you mean so I have taken to designing my own vessel.It's now drawings on graph paper,and I plan on making a scale model out of card paper.

    I'm sure you know all about the "outside" - I've been on the west coast of Van. Island 3 times in 25-30' sports cruisers,despite dire warnings of horrible consequences.My simple solution is to not go there when the seas are high-ie. October to February and you won't go there anyways due to fog.
    I've known people to spend high 6 to 7 figures on a trawler just to cruise our coast :confused:

    However a larger mono won't roll like your 26'sailboat.Here's something I discovered lately but would do away with the pods due to debris/rocks:

    This is funky:
  3. Fanie
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    Fanie Fanie

    Geeeezzz :D I have to get my eyes tested :D You guys with your feet and inches :rolleyes:

    You could check the galleries out on the forum...

  4. skypoke
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    skypoke Junior Member

    I'd suggest a Carri Craft catamaran if you can locate one, decent in offshore conditions, run pretty fast. As far as designers, if you want a powercat style boat, I'd look at Roger Hill's designs. I built one of them in alum and have been very happy with it. His boats lean toward fast, well accommodated cruisers, stylish designs, efficient on the water.

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