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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Jason Boat Builder, Feb 1, 2023.

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    Jason Boat Builder New Member

    Hi Everyone. I might have been part of this website a long time ago. Designed a SST-120 tunnel hull a long time ago.

    I've been in the design world for a long time. Recently project managing large boat builds. Looking for a design to start with and then make. I can 3d model and cad/cut files.
    Dont really see allot on the internet of what I'm looking for. I'll share cut files with whom ever wants to share hull design. would rather buy aluminum than pay for a designed boat. Mostly making it for a workboat around larger boats at the dock.

    -About a 20-26' catamaran. Not tunnel.
    -aluminum (I can take a composite design and turn it into a metal fabricated one)
    -center console or fwd raked windows cabin for larger boat.
    -Something that could be taken into the salt water around the sound.

    Anyone have a 3d model or plans they would like to share with me?
  2. fallguy
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    Check out Poleson cats; they have full bows for lots of forward weight capacity.
  3. bajansailor
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    I will second Fallguy's suggestion above - Poleson do not seem to have a website as such, but they do have an excellent Youtube channel -

    And a Facebook page -
    Poleson Marine LTD https://www.facebook.com/polesonmarine

    Edit - what about something like this 26' ally cat from Silver Ships?
    Catamaran 26 - Silver Ships https://www.silverships.com/catamaran-26/
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