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    I need some help with a new business idea. I am a marine engineer by trade with very little experience of computer design. At present I run a business called CD Marine Design based in the UK.(www.cdmarinedesign.co.uk)

    I need a side profile design and possibly a basic interior layout of a 70-80ft powerboat- similar shape to a princess or sunseeker. The image will be on the front page of a new website I'm working on.
    The design needs to look stylish and modern but it also needs to have all the toys ie, hydraulic bathing platform, tracdomes, space for a tender on transom or flybridge, life raft etc. Although I suppose it may be possible to add these bits on later.
    With the side profile you need to see the bowthruster,props, p'brkt and rudders.

    The overall image needs to have a realistic finish.

    Is there anyone who has a design already which they will be happy for me to use or anyone who can easily draw one up?

    Thanks for your help.

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