Power Boat design calculations

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JFine, Aug 12, 2003.

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    It seems as though all the calculations for yacht design are geared towards sailboats. Is there a list of the standard formulas for power boats? Where can I find them. Is there a book or forum that is repsected in the power boat design arena? Thanks!
  2. Willallison
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    Depends on which calculations you are referring to, but many of them - displacement, stability etc calculations are the same. For some fairly general scantling calcs you could look at Dave Gerr's Boat Data Book . There are others as well - take a look at www.amazon.com , there's plenty of titles available.
  3. Roger Marshall
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    To some extent the type of boat you are going to design will govern the type of formulas you want. Peter Du Cane's High Speed Small Craft has useful stuff for higher speed boats, Barnaby's Naval Architecture has a bunch of other more basic stuff. Gerr's book Propeller handbook tells you alot about prop formulas. If you look for a few technical papers by Donald Blount, et al, you'll find more than enough formual for just about any boat. I have been researching the information for a new powerboat design book that I am writing that will be published next year from International Marine.
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