Potentially Stupid Concept (Houseboat?/Landingcraft?)

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by LLL003, Dec 13, 2019.

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    Sorry pal. Wrong. It's loved by guys who can count last 10 without taking off their shoes.

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    Unhappily DocCavalry is saying some hard truth. I'm an old unbeliever of wild capitalism, institutional greediness, and the belief that concentration of the wealth is good for all. Cars and luxury yachts specially motor ones leave me totally cold. I've lived simply without air conditioning in a tropical climate, and i do not give a s..t to useless gadgets. I do not need a thermomix to make my loaf of bread...
    The capitalist green-bashing of the endless economic growth wants to make believe that some advanced techniques will clean up everything and that the first world will keep its expensive and wasteful way of life will continue forever. For example you buy a the 50000 bucks with the three years leasing 2 tons electric car and you save the planet.
    The first problem is the production of energy. There is no free energy, or even low cost energy. Energy has always been expensive if the cost is taken in its global reality, with the hidden costs, human and environment. Petrol looked at first sight cheap but the true cost of fossil energies is enormous, as we can see now.
    I won't enter in detail but if people think that going from petrol to electricity is the solution, they make a big mistake. Simply it will be impossible in a not so far future to use a big 2 tons car, plenty of steel, alu, plastics and highly polluting batteries for moving the *** of a 200 pounds guy from his house to his job. Maybe he will have to think about a bicycle and sweat a bit. It's just a short example...
    Sadly the most reasonable solution is highly controversial and politic because it is about philosophy of life. How do you want to live? What are your goals?. The basic meaning of life. Fair sharing of the created wealth, frugality, other goals in life than consumerism are a rational solution...But that won't work, so the hard packed solution will come by itself. The whole system will fall down at very high cost, specially for the poor. When? No so far.
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