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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Brorsan, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Great to have you back, Brian.
    Building and designing. Just spent 10 weeks in the Marshalls showing the locals how to build sailing proas to replace outboard powered skiffs. Huge fun. Next project is an 80'ter to provide low emissions and cost shipping between remote villages. Got the materials money, a shed and labour, just waiting for the CV restrictions to be lifted. Interest in the cruising harryproas is also high, as it is for unstayed masts.

    yes, but as far as i know he has stopped boat building. Email me at haryproa@gmail and i will send him your contact details.

    The compression loads from a mast head rigged, spreaderless mast 24m high on a 4m wide staying base (9.5 degrees staying angle) weighing 7.5 tons with a tight luffed code zero and the considerable weight of the rig itself are huge.
    It is so much cheaper, easier and more sensible (but less to patent) to use an unstayed rig, especially when the mast can be hidden inside the wing, so it can be of large diameter and stiffness.

    A rig that depends on bearings at the mast head is cool on a small boat or if you have paid crew to maintain it. Not so much for Joe Normal.
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