Port Light Replacement

Discussion in 'Materials' started by chuck_in_Housto, May 27, 2002.

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    I am refurbishing the (16) Bomar portlights on my 42 foot Pearson sailboat. They are cast aluminum and replacement is *very* expensive. I have seven of the ports out and plan to have them sandblasted and painted with an Interlux aluminum system (barrier coat, epoxy coat, three coats of paint). The lexan windows are clouded and need replacement.

    1. Has anyone had experience with the Interlux system. Is there any better?
    2. I am toying with replacing the lexan myself. I have a lexan source but I need "marine grade" lexan that is strongly UV resistant. Does such an item exist?
    3. The sealant used by Pearson and by Bomar apprears to be the same and is gray in color. Does anyone know what brand and type this would be?
    4. Any tips on replacing the ports so they will be "leak free" :)

    The first port took me 2 hours to take out - the last took 15 minutes. I had a nice learning curve and created a couple of neat tools that made the job much easier. (very little prying!!) If anyone is interested I'll share the knowledge.
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    There is a UV resistant Lexan called Lexan 9034 or 8034. I can't remember which, or where I read or heard about it, but your supplier should be able to find out. For recommendations about sealants try contacting Bomar at www.pompanette.com.
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    Try painting those aluminum frames with CeRam-Kote 54. It is an Epoxy based ceramic coating, and is easy to apply and very durable. Get more info at ceram-kote.com
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    With regard to the Lexan that is clouded you might try simply polishing them with a product called Novus 123, it's a 3 step polishing compound. I used it on my Bomar portlights and was astounded at the result, particularly given how fogged and pitted they were to start with. If you are interested in an 'as new' look then this might not get you there but it is excellent for the 'hell of a lot better look'. I love the stuff, it saved me big bucks.
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    Chuck, we ar getting ready to replace Beckson port lights. You said it took you 2 hours for your first light and 15 minutes for the last.

    Can you tell us anything that will give us a head start?

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    Any of the MR series of Lexan will be uv resistant. and you want to make sure you get something in the "MR" line which is mar resistant. If its not you will not be able to see out of them for long.
    Have you thought about Powder coating your frames?? I have done some marine app stuff my self with an old 220 electric oven and a powder coat set up i bought at harbor freight? I did a bunch of wheels for my track car and if you want to talk about abuse....
    You can do it all your self and save a bundle.
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