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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by rezeuc, Aug 30, 2011.

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    rezeuc New Member

    Hello my name is Robert I am from Constanta, Romania.
    I want to make a pontoon houseboat on 2 float boat like this one
    My question is what is the price there in US for one pair of pontoon float boat which has 24ft long and 25'' diameter?
    Here in Romania they want 15.000 euro for one with a 13ft long bedroom+bathroom, just the skeleton

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  2. rasorinc
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    If you can buy quality marine plywood where you are and can buy epoxy you can build pontoons or sponsons probably cheaper than steel pipe and use standard sized lumber to connect the two floats together, all coated with 3 coats of epoxy.
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    You could certainly build something similar to the picture, but I would hesitate to think it would be cheaper than 15,000 euro. The engines alone probably cost that much. If you are considering buying new then the prices are likely more comparable.
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    BATAAN Senior Member

    Chinese solution.

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    Here's an example of some scratch and dent pontoons available all though a foot longer are brand new at $1695.oo American dollars here. After building a pontoon houseboat myself for my own use I can't be sure you'd save any money. The costs of materials really do add up especially if you like I have to pay freight for some materials you can't source out locally. Good luck with whatever you decide or inclined to do, I know mine has worked out well for us and you can't beat the satisfaction of building and making a boat your own. :)
  6. rezeuc
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    rezeuc New Member

    I have a question about this windows from image. can they be opened? or they are closed forever?

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  7. PAR
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    Considering your lack of experience in the boating world, you can just forget about designing your own boat. Building from plans will likely be much of a challenge for you, so don't bite off more then you can chew.

    Yes, those ports in the above image do open and this is the experience issue I mentioned, as one look and most would see the doubled glass track.

    The original photo you posted shows two 50 HP outboards, which in the current USA market will be about $5k to $6k, depending on features. This simply means the propulsion system for the boat you want to make will very probably be over $10k (USD) and this doesn't count the controls, steering etc., let alone the rest of the boat!

    Maybe it would be best if you evaluate your budget and consider your other options, such as restoration or major upgrades to an existing vessel.
  8. Razi
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    Hello Robert,
    Is it possible to get - by the drawings of the boat that you have sent the pictures. Please give me some address.
    BR Razi

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Unfortunately I see Rezeuc hasn't visited here since 2011 so he is long gone.
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