Pontoon/catamaran hull barge type platform - drive on RV

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by bpopbop, Aug 28, 2014.

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  1. bpopbop
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    bpopbop New Member

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on design considerations for a basic floating platform that will allow an RV of 25', or Van pulling travel trailer (overall length 25-30') with ramp that allows driving the rig onto the bow without the stern lifting out of the water.

    This would be for ferrying a RV or travel trailer + tow vehicle across a small/medium size private lake with a tow/tug. This might also be a temporary floating foundation for a tiny home on or off a trailer with wheels (ala floating home), anchored off the lake shore in 3-6' of water with little to no current. And, sufficient stability to ferry said vehicle in typical 3-5' swells in the Florida intercoastal is a plus.

    Is anyone building such a floating foundation now? If not, where would I start with design and fabrication? Thanks.
  2. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    I don't think you want a catamaran or pontoon boat. A landing craft style would make more sense

    Where in the Florida ICW do you get 5ft swells?

    Richard Woods
  3. rwatson
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  4. myark
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    myark Senior Member

    I noticed you came up empty handed with any ideas from boat design besides Rwatson
    This is a start of an idea that can carry a RV although its my old prototype. and have superior designs since.

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  5. myark
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    myark Senior Member

    Can any one find a folding trailer barge on the world market in Google search engines or any where else that tows behind a RV that weighs 12 ton but the folding trailer Barge like Myark weighs less than 2 ton and has a width structure of 1m wide and can float in a few inches of water with 12 ton RV on deck.

    There is a barge called the Rolling barge but is heavy and wide and takes a long time to assemble and never at any time seen a RV towing let alone driving on top, also its wheels do not come off and drag in the water where the Myarks come off and can plane without the RV on top with a 60HP out bard.
    I have searched Google and can only find Myark folding trailer barges towed behind a RV that is placed on top.

    There are other folding barges but they are placed on trailers, still wide and way to heavy.
  6. myark
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    The boat in the photo came to the lake in the back of the truck it now rides on.
    That is a 26 foot WetTruck modular stacking frame with 36" WetTruck pontoons .
    Here is a photo of that same model, set up as a white water RV,actualy in the Grand Canyon, not a photoshoped fake.

    This is a bit like it from a post a while back but it still needs to assembled although great to see a RV out in a remote paradise.

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  7. whitepointer23

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    In one of your posts you said when you took your barge out to an offshore island that it almost sank in waves a few inchs high. He wants to tackle waves 5 ft high. And don't call me a troll or stalker I am only repeating what you wrote.
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  8. myark
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    myark Senior Member

    Its sad life you have got to have to keep stalking me even after the moderator told you not to and you said you would behave your self.

    Waves look more than a few inches and was 60 miles from land in a small Myark folding trailer barge.

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