Pontoon boat rebuild HELP

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by tymonty44, Apr 3, 2016.

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    I paid like $80 a sheet, 1/2" x4x8
    Scrap price
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    What was the core? If you can get $80 sheets of this stuff (depends on core), I'll take a 100 sheets or more, pay you $100 a sheet and I'll cover the shipping.

  3. tymonty44
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    Finally pulling the trigger on the rebuild and I am on board with the exterior grade plywood. Lowes has ps1-09 23/32in thickness. Is this what I'm looking for? It comes in 4x8 sheets but my boat is 8.5ft wide. How do you recommend I layout the wood? Next is the epoxy. I am going to follow PARs lead and seal the heck out of it. Specific suggestion on type or brand? Overwhelming how many options there are. I will need to seal the entire board,yes? Top, edges, bottom.
    Guess the allure of pontoon stuff is they give you everything you need in a kit and this way I'm having to find similar materials. I am extremely confident in my skills but not in selecting the right materials. Advice please! Thanks.
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