pongrass 4.1 runabout.

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    hello and merry christmas. i have a small pongrass grp runabout i use for fishing. i want to convert to cc . is there a foam i can use for forming up new gunnels that works with poly resin. i know styrofoam melts but i thought there might be something suitable. i want to use up a drum of polyester and a roll of csm that i have. that is why i am not using epoxy.
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    Brendan, I used to use a green foam from FMS/Daystar, unfortunately they're gone, it was kinda brittle but very easily formed/sanded/surformed & not really suitable as a core- you could easily scratch it out from the back of whatever had been laminated, the dust is very irritant/scratchy to eyes, was commonly used in making ice boxes & referred to as "Green Fridge Foam" sometimes, could also be the same $h1t the flower arrangers use, haven't used it in years myself but could be ideal, you might try Fiberglass Australasia for it or something similar, most places are shut but you might be lucky & they might be open tomorrow.

    I've been looking at some Pongrass boats on ebay & Gumtree & pretty resonable prices, haven't checked any out seriously as yet..... seen any with a good trailer, good transom & floor & post 2005 engine for 2k:rolleyes:
    might be a tough one but they look good for mods, I was thinking something along the style of a hobie power skiff.

    All the best wishes for the season from Jeff.
  3. whitepointer23

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    Thanks jeff, i will try them after christmas. The gunnel has a fairly complex shape which i am hoping to copy for a more pro looking finish. Pongrass hulls are good candidates for a rebuild because they are inexpensive to buy and have good seakeeping qualities. The 15ft surfmaster is a ripper.

  4. whitepointer23

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    Just had a look at the hobie skiffs. Very nice looking boats. The 13 ft version is exactly how i want my boat to finish up. Great for fishing and a good tender when i get another cruiser.
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