Polyester fuel tank

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Sygeor, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Sygeor
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    Sygeor Junior Member

    Also i want to make a polyester fuel tank in this boat.
    Do you know if i will use the same polyester like i use in the other boat?
    Give me an advice about this?

  2. wardd
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    wardd Senior Member

    ive seen petroleum products attack polyester
  3. stefan.b
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    stefan.b Junior Member

    Yes, but which resin? Polyester has been accepted for underground fuel tanks (diesel oil) for mor than 40 years over here, and these tanks give you less trouble than tanks made from steel, which have to be inspected for corrosion every so-and-so many years: click!.
    Another question is how polyester tanks behave in a case of fire.
  4. mark775

    mark775 Guest

    Isothalic resin resists diesel. Make sure to coat inside of tank well so there can be no wicking up fibers. Vinylester is better. Epoxy works, too. Devoe makes epoxy tank liner coatings that many people use. I don't remember the numbers - Maybe 253?
  5. TollyWally
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    TollyWally Senior Member

    If you are using the tanks for gasoline, be aware that some of the new ethonal blends attack the older fiberglass tanks with dire results.
  6. wardd
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    wardd Senior Member

    this was years ago on army aircraft the different hydrolic fluids would desolve the resin and leave the cloth

  7. GG
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    GG offshore artie

    i have a thread in the fiberglass and composite forum titled Skater 32 in which i repaired the tanks in a epoxy boat and in doing this repair i used a long list of materials because the new generation of fuels especially Ethanol is really having a bad affect .
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