PolyCAD: Docking Windows, Change Polyline to Curves, etc

Discussion in 'Software' started by MaxHugen, Apr 13, 2021.

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    G'day, I'm a newbie at CAD, tried Fusion 360 but was recommended PolyCAD for hulls. Been trying it for a week, but having some issues, hoping someone can point me in the right direction:
    1. Watching a video (by Marcus?), I see a top level menu, but it doesn't appear - can't figure out how t0 show it:
    2. I haven't found any way to dock the "dockable" windows, such as "Entity Attributes" etc?
    3. I followed a video example of creating a sketch from an image. It used Polylines to get the Sections, but now I don't know how to convert these straight-line segments to curves, and to render it. This is for a SailGP F50 catamaran:
    Any advice, or pointers to info/videos that could help would be hugely appreciated. I haven't found much online apart from a handful of videos.
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