Point Stuck On Corner In FreeShip

Discussion in 'Software' started by jprevj, Aug 9, 2010.

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    jprevj Junior Member

    I'm using FreeShip 2.6. I have a control point that is stuck on corner. I can uncheck it but the point stays a corner and the point dialog will always come back with the corner box checked. I have shutdown FreeShip and also shut down windows and reopened. I have tried to delete it thinking I have two points there but it takes a section of the hull. Anyone have any ideas or has anyone run into this before?


    Though I had found answer in old post to collapse point. Doesn't work. I haven't been able to make any of the other suggestion work either. But might be missing something.

    This is a modified scooter for very shallow coastal work. 6" or less. Will have jet drive and tunnel. I guess it's easy to see the offending point.

    fbm file removed. I just redesigned the hull. Thanks for the replies.
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  2. magwas
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    Can you post your fbm file?
  3. daiquiri
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    Check if you have a sharp (crease) edge attached to the point.
  4. mick_allen
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    mick_allen -

    - do you have a layer turned off that has something attached to that point?
    - is that point in line with other points that may have a 'hidden' (because all in line) surface between them?
    - check to see if you have a surface that is bent back on itself - sometimes that is quite confusing.

    helpful thing to do is make a copy and start deleting stuff one at a time to see what happens.

  5. Martijn_vE
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    You cannot change the corner property if 3 or more crease (red) edges meet in that particular point.
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