Pod Drives for Displacement Superyachts

Discussion in 'Pod Drives' started by Willallison, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Based on my research, the CRP units really come into their own at higher displacement speeds and up - so typical yacht speeds. Below that the ducted units are better.
    Thanks for the Steerpod link... but a quick google search gets no result... could they be under a different name?
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    Yes I had to change the last post..Steerprop. I had to look it up.
    Ducted units could only be better below say 10 knots and are good for higher bollard pull. Open and CRP then tend to take over if suitably sized. A CRP pod is not exactly the same as a CRP shaft with the blades close together, and apparently show some advantages in low speed efficiency and thrust. These units are only good up to 20-25knots unlike Zeus etc units.
  3. Willallison
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    Thanks... found them...
    RR suggest around 12 knots as the limit for ducts...

    As an aside, I watched an interesting youtube clip today of another thruster-powered yacht having an argument with a sea wall or two before eventually running aground onto a reef....
    Somewhat befitingly, it was called Unforgettable....;)
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    OYS have been developing pod drives for smaller vessels, the largest they are currently doing is twin 230hp for the 60m Baltic yachts panamax. Large cast Titanium legs can be lifted and concealed behind hull doors.

    These are making use of the new Maritex bearing material which they will turn in, this has been developed for use in tropics to Arctic with termal expansion close to that of the Al carrier.

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    Way back in the 50's I worked for a Marine Design engineer and we made a little "Log Herder" for the timber companies.
    It had a Four Cylinder P&H aluminum Diesel and a POD drive. It was a 360 steering device and a real hombre to drive. A young guy would have loved it.
    I dont recall any trouble with them.
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