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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by rapscallion, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Ah, Bruce, you're so cruel and brutally honest.
    But to be honest, ha, most/all my rebuilds are the bloody stupid, too large chord, wing masts I'm fixated with. Must be a hidden phallic symbol - that I don't know about. But I do love them for their power, efficiency and speed.
    Anyway, back to common sense: a "sensible" Sid, that is a 3 Devils (full length floats, slightly larger main hull) built in high tensioned 3 and 4mm ply, (that is everything including mast and beams) would end up a very light (260-270 kgs) and did I say robust? 8 x 8 metre design ... smaller wing mast (say 275-300mm chord) would just eat any F22s, B24s, C24s and the like for breakfast. And built yourself, no sails, less than NZ10 grand. No ****.
    Anyway back to Sid's new 500mm wing mast, here it is ready to go.

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    Light is best

    Gary, I wish I had your mast building skills- but maybe not quite so much "practice" :D
    I agree Richard, lighter boats are usually faster, and cats are usually easier to build light than tris in these sizes. I feel the Buc 24 size/style of boat was designed more as a fairly capable pocket cruiser than the smaller "beach campers", so it is not a very fair comparison anyway. I like to race for entertainment and want a boat that can hold its own, but I am probably more of a cruiser at heart and I don't enjoy trying to sleep in a "cabin" that is more like a coffin, and I am not too fond of tramp tents either. (I have one for my boat) It is also a lot easier to put a double berth in the "fat" hull of a tri, and I do still enjoy sleeping next to my partner. Personal preference only, but it does tend to keep the family happier about owning boats. If I want to do some "raid" type events, I would want a smaller and much different style of boat than my 24- or any 24 for that matter. At my sailing club, the 18' A-cats are the fastest boats, and now they are starting to put lifting foils on them. Just saying;)
    Around the southern USA, thunderstorms are a real issue, and small tris are a little more forgiving than cats when rigged with enough sail area to be competitive. If you sail regularly here, the storms are not avoidable, just endured. A cabin you can sit in comes in handy then, and is also a little more bug resistant when necessary.
    I do relate to being a Commodore and owning a fleet, but I don't count them on the chance my wife ever realized how many there are. I was a boat dealer so I am used to losing money on race boats- I got good at it :mad:
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