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Plywood, epoxy, fiberglass, ez fillet, quikfair

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Nolegirl, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Nolegirl
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    Nolegirl New Member

    Hi all,
    I have 15 sheets of BS1088 meranti, 7 are 3/8" and 8 are 1/4". I also have 6 gallons of marinepoxy with slow hardener. Quikfair resin with hardener, ez fillet resin with hardener. 25yd 12oz 50" fiberglass, some large amount of 12 oz 6" tape, a fairing tool, plans for a bateau fs17 and CNC files to cut parts on a CNC. PM me or email me at amh07f@fsu.edu with offers. Taking trades (motorcycles, fourwheelers, dirtbikes, etc.) y'all know the value of the stuff. I'm in Tallahassee.
  2. markwang
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    markwang New Member

    Dear Mr.: do you sell resin below mesh in same time? I'm a manufatory of plastic mesh in china.Resin Distribution Net, or Flow Media, is most commonly used for vacuum assisted resin transfer molding and resin infusion. Composite bridge decks using SCRIMP technology is one of many examples. The recognized advantage of our media is that is will increase your resin flow rates, in return, reduce your material and labor costs
    my e-mail markchinawire@yahoo.cn
  3. War Whoop
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    War Whoop Senior Member

    Dude you are Spamming every thread here! Start your own!
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