plywood boats, can't give them away...

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by guzzis3, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. guzzis3
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  2. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    Implication is that they are home designed?? In any event no designer is credited.

    So maybe that's the real problem?

    Richard Woods
  3. Westfield 11
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    There is no such thing as a free boat.

    Just as there is no such thing as a free Jaguar car or a free lunch. All you get for your zero dollars is an object that will eat your money. Nothing wrong with that if you know what you are getting into......
  4. oceannavigator2

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    I think the case is also that a boat is worth nothing until it is a boat.
  5. FMS
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    The same for inoperable used boats of any material. The price isn't set by the investment that has gone into it. It's set by the market and there is a very limited market that is willing to finish or rebuild a boat.
  6. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    That they are being offered for "free" is more worrying than their construction material.
  7. oceannavigator2

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  8. nimblemotors
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    Not just boats, but most unfinished custom projects of all kinds are fairly worthless.
    They require lots of time and money to complete, and why not start from scratch where you know the quality and materials.
    If you are a builder person anyway, starting from scratch is not a problem.

    So that makes these projects a real bargain for the right person!
    I buy broken hybrid cars and repair them, nobody wants them, mechanics
    are afraid of hybrids. But when running they are very valuable!

    That particular boat looks good actually, easy to see the build, unlike some.
  9. cookiesa
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    cookiesa Senior Member

    These are I think are more a case of not build to a known design, or designer and not finished, just getting someone elses unfinished ideas......

    You'd be better of buying some plans from a known designer and building something that you know will work the way it is intended
  10. Mike Nickerson
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    If the free 28 footer was located in FL-USA it would be on my trailer on the way home right now.

  11. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    In Italy we use to say that someone "took a step longer than his leg", to describe this situation...
    I feel sorry for that guy, he has invested some pretty important money and a lots of time to make those structures.
  12. Milehog
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    Milehog Clever Quip

    The fear factor is very much at home with plywood boats.
    I have three. Two I built and one built by a pro. Good boats that will last.
    Too many things to go wrong if you don't know and trust the designer, materials and builder.
  13. ThomD
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    I tried to sell my finished Kurt Hughes a few years back, and could only get an offer for 1 k. I said I would take 4K or it was going to the dump. There is a lot of good stuff in there, so salvage was worth more than 4 k to me. It only cost me 3.5 K to build. I feel great about projects in that scale because I know people who have spent more on club fees in anticipation of when they will claim their mooring, than I have spend on the whole boat. I don't really believe in building ply more than you are comfortable dragging to the dump. My experience suggests that designer's names aren't worth that much where ply is compared, either. Though most plans are a pretty good deal for that mater. You also have to ask yourself how many of the past ply masters are going to remain active over the next X years. The cool thing about an unfinished project is that there probably aren't that many rot problems to contend with.
  14. guzzis3
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    Hey Thomas! <waves>. Hope your well and happy...

    I see unfinished foam boats sell for money. If those hulls were foam they would be worth something. Hek even I might go have a look.

    Anyway anyone care to offer an opinion on what this is worth ?

    Beach marine macro 25 bridgedeck. Needs work. I've been interested in them since the good people here drew my attention to these little boats. Personally given it's condition and limited inventory I think 35 is far too much.

  15. cookiesa
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    cookiesa Senior Member

    Have eyed that one off myself a few times, Without seeing how much gear needs replacing it is hard to say how much, make a low offer and see how you go.

    I'm building something similar and intend to add a bridgedeck, very hard to do on a vessel this size without it looking very ugly! Not sure how useable that bridgedeck really is
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