ply/glass vs foam/glass for a cockpit floor

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by bigbear69, May 24, 2015.

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    bigbear69 Junior Member

    Am in the process of renovating an 8M trailer sailer and was thinking about trying to save weight where possible.

    wondering what material I should use for the cockpit floor?

    options are:

    9mm ply sealed on the bottom glass on top - strong but heavy?

    6mm ply glass on bottom and top - maybe not strong enough??

    12mm foam core glass top and bottom - strong enough?

    would there be any significant weight saving in going with foam?

    would foam be impact resistant enough for cockpit floor?

    would I have to add a couple layers of glass on top?

    any advice much appreciated

  2. Mr Efficiency
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    I have used 15mm foam in a powerboat, and impact resistance is only a problem if you keep dropping anvils on it. Probably had about 3mm or so of glass on top, half or a little more underneath. Made it in one piece about 20 feet long, up to 7 feet wide, then glassed it in. That may not suit your application.
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