Plug and mold construction

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by sandman1984, Dec 16, 2005.

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    I am having trouble figuring out how plug and mold construction works...I cant really find any sites with pictures of the whole process. Right now i am doing stitch and glue construction and would like to move up to molds (maybe?) for production. If you know of any helpful links please let me know. Thanks!
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    search this site for "strip planking". This is one way of making a plug and can be used to produce a mold also.
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    Depending on the design type and shape, we have had good results from MDF (custom wood panels) used as a mould surface. View my website and it gives a bit of a run down on some methods.
    This should not be considered if you are looking into a lot of boats to be released but is economical for maybe 5 or so.:)

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    For example you take a hull that you designed in stich and glue. Finish off the outside of the hull to finish. Apply release wax to the outside of the hull. Gelcoat, layup with fiberglass to desired thickness. Let cure. Separate form original hull. Wax new mold with release, gelcoat, layup glass and reinforce, cure, and pull new boat. That's it in a nut shell. It's not rocket science. But the guys that do this for a living as I do know that there is quite a lot more to it to do the job right. If you really want to learn how to do this get a job at a boat manufacturer and pay attention to the details. Like I've always told my kids. Because of that there all better educated and smarter them myself. Good luck. Tom.
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