Plexiglass maximum radius curvature

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by nico, May 18, 2003.

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    I am looking for any infos on the maximum radius of curvature plexiglass ( thickness used for sailboat below 60') can support without breaking.

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    I do not know the maximum radius. We had to get curved plexiglass sliding hatches. Since the curvature was too big to just bend the plexiglass a mold was built over which a piece of plexiglass was "baked" in an oven. Apparently you can also do this by heating up the plexiglass with a hair dryer.
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    plex info

    I am not sure about maximums most of the time we were concerned with minumums. Be sure of the grades of plex there are many brands and furmulations designed to different things. If you are here on the states look for your larger sign shops (big towns) that have a vacuum forming set-up. allthough you may have to do some sweet talking to get them to try the thicker materials windows and such would require on a vessel of your size. Pack a lunch if you are going to get much thicker than .25" I think you would be in for a long wait with very inconsistent temps across the panel you are trying to bend. we used strip heaters (like the elements in an electric oven)to make tight bends. You really do need an oven and mold if you are looking for a gradual bend. Keep in mind that most acrylics are really undersize
    EG 1/8" is really sold as .118 not a full .125" +-.003
    some manufacturers are CYRO and ROHM & HASS. if this helps good if not im sorry to waste your time. Good luck!
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