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Discussion in 'Software' started by zzt9876, Aug 6, 2004.

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    I am a newer in term of Hydromax, I make a ship mould in Maxsurf( only hull)
    in Hydromax, I want to make compantment, but I found it can not make following type tank:
    top side tank in bulk, typical section description:
    the section has total 4 plate,top plate is horizontal, left and right plate is vertical,but the bottom plate is 45 drgee angle of horizontal, cross the left and right,like as trapezoid.( Hydromax defined the compantment use 6 demension, but it is not supply the height of left or right)

    who can help me will be appreciated!
  2. Andrew Mason
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    You need to define the tank as a surface bounded tank. This allows you to design a completely arbitrary shape using NURBS surfaces in Maxsurf, set the surface type to Internal Structure using the Surface Properties dialog, and then select that surface in the Hydromax Compartment definition. It allows you to make the tank any shape you like, spheriacl, cylindrical, trapezoidal etc. etc.
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